Section I - Agribusiness

Adoption of Cleaner Production in Corporate Tea Sector

Adoption of Energy Efficient Practices in Corporate Sector Tea Processing Factories in Sri Lanka

Assessing the Impact of Exchange Rate Volatility on Agricultural Exports Case of Desiccated

Assessment of Betel Farmers and Non Betel Farmers Attitudes and Behavioural Intentions

Economic Analysis of Coconut oil Consumption in Sri Lanka

Economic Valuation of Genetic Resources of Wild Rice Relatives Assessing the Preferences of Adja

Economic Valuation of Genetic Resources of Wild Rice Relatives Assessing the Preferences of Breed

Economics of Food Safety An Objective Assessment of  Sri Lankan Agri food Processing Firms Ince

Environmental Altruism in the Sri Lankan Agri Food Processing Sector An Empirical

Evaluation of Socio Economic Technical and Institutional Aspects of Dairy Farming

Exploring the Efficiency of Coconut Production in Sri Lanka Where the Lazy Mans Crop Lies

Factors Affecting the Technology Adoption Level of Sugarcane Cultivation in Rainfed Sector in Sev

Financial Sustainability of the Corporate Plantation Sector in Sri Lanka

Impact of Agro Climatic Zone and Land Size on the Cost of Production of Coconuts in Sri Lanka_An

Importance of Economic Incentives in Differentiating the Adopters

Indexing of Health Asset and Education for Paddy Farmers and Non Farmers in Kurunegala

Is Income the Most Persuading Factor for Labour Out migration The Case of Up Country

Motives for Agri food Processors to Adopt Solid Waste Management Practices Case of Adoption

Moving out of Chronic Poverty Community Level Study on Poverty over the Time

Productivity of Household Labour Implications for Labour Supply in the Smallholder

The Political Economy of Edible Oil Imports in Sri Lanka What We Can Learn From the Past

Use of Multilayer Group Method of Data Handling for Predicting Tea Crop Production

Why Do Farmers Vary in Efficiency  An Application of Output Oriented Technical Efficiency Measure



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