Section IV-Plantation management.

Analysis of e Agriculture in Plantation Sector in Sri Lanka

Antibacterial Properties of Selected Sri Lankan Tea

Automation of Drip Irrigation Systems Based on Soil Moisture Sensors for Water Use Efficiency

Effect of Different Levels of Cattle Manure on

Effect of Emitter Flow Rate and Inlet Pressure Head on Lateral Line Design of Drip Irrigation System for Banana

Effect of Heat Stress on Pollen Germination and Fruit Set of Different Varieties of Coconut (Cocos nucifera L.)

Effect of Maintenance of Single and Double shoots after Pruning of Cordyline terminalis and Cordyline fruticosa Intercultivations under Coconut

Effect of Organic Manure and Inorganic Fertilizer on Micronutrient Status of Coconut Lands

Effect of Partial Substitution of Maize with Defatted Desiccated Coconut in Broiler Diets

Effect of Temperature on Post-Embryonic Development of

Forest Climbers (Lianas) and Their Interactions with Trees in Selected Forests in Kurunegala Area

Hydraulic Analysis on a Gravity-Fed Drip Irrigation System for Coconut

Identification of Suitable Ethephon Concentrations for the Emerging Low Intensity Harvesting Systems under Varying Climatic

Implementation of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points Principles for Desiccated Coconut Industry in Sri Lanka

Improving the Quality of Sri Lankan Silver Tips and White tea

Microbiological Quality of Medicinal Herbal Tea, Flavored Tea and Black Tea Available in Local Market

Morphological, Cultural & Molecular Differences of Exobasidium vexans Massee Causing Blister Blight Disease of Tea

Potential Application of Biofilmed Biofertilizer on

Relationship between Magnesium Levels and Chlorophyll

Study the Quality Characteristics of Tea Produced at Different Degree

The Correlation between Root Polyphenol and Amino Acid Contents with the Population of the Root Lesion Nematodes

Utilization of Agricultural Information Sources and Channels by Small Holding Spice Growers in Kandy District

Variation of Micrometeorological Parameters in the Canopy of Black Pepper (Piper nigrum L.) between Two Consecutive

Vitamin C, Phenolics, Antioxidant Capacity and Some Physical and Chemical Properties of Cashew Apples of Eight Varieties


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